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Mumbai Escorts Services For full night entertainment

Ritika is a very good girl because she agrees to nice sexual offers from decent men in Mumbai who seeks Mumbai escorts services for the full night. She is attractive, active personality and has a good sense of humor.

She loves to make people laugh and she has some very nice collection of adult jokes which she tells to her male clients to lighten up the mood and make everyone in the room comfortable. Sometimes there is more than 1 man in the room and she doesn't mind taking both of them inside her. She likes roleplaying and doesn't mind having group sex.

Some friends seek escorts in Mumbai together, they like to have fun together. So, men who like to enjoy in the group and want to experience threesome or foursome are most welcome. But Ritika prefers one on one sexual relation because she is able to focus more on just 1 guy and how to pamper him, tease and make love to him.

Sex on holidays with independent Mumbai escort girl

How much pain will you suffer? How much tension will you take? And how many times you will suppress your sexual urges?
You need to relax, time to time you should get involved in some recreational activities that makes you happy and refresh your mood. Suppressing your desires is not a healthy thing. You need emotional and physical satisfaction to live a long and healthy life.

Will you end your life in fucking sexy models in your fantasy only or you will actually do something? I am Ritika, a former model and now a professional Mumbai escort girl who let decent lonely men fuck me in exchange for some cash.

People who are in Mumbai are most welcome to meet me. You just have to dial my number and say where and when you want to meet. I will be there just for you. From there I will be with you as a sweet romantic companion who will take care of you in public as well as in private.
Hire Mumbai call girls and enjoy your holidays in Mumbai. Who enjoys holidays alone? Not me.

Is hiring our escort girl safe for you?

I own this escorts agency and I am an Independent escort in Mumbai. There is no middleman between you and me. We deal directly. So there is no hassle baby. And I don't ask for money in advance too. I take money after we meet up after your eyes are pleased to see me, and you get horny by my beauty and you are willing to spend some good time with me.

Get the real pleasure with Mumbai call girls

Whatever you do, respect is the most important thing. And being an independent call girl I respect my clients, I respect their inner feelings and their courage to be frank with me. I am a nice person, who understands that our Indian men are suppressed a lot by women, they have so much pressure and as a result, they keep on suppressing themselves. I let you get open, I will teach you to be a man once again, I will show you your hidden powers, I am the best call girl in Mumbai with whom you will get real pleasure.

Get escort services with girls of your choice

I own this agency independently and there are some friends of mine who also works with me. Who will not like to get paid to have sex?
Yes, there are girls from good families, well settled who do sex for money. They live in posh colonies but just for fun, they do this job. And you can meet some of them including me. If there is some party, event or anything where you want a couple of girls to entertain your guest, then just let me know, I will give you discounts also for heavy booking.
So we have many girls in our agency, we can show you their pics and you can select the one which makes your dick hard.

Are independent Mumbai escorts and agency escort are different?

There is not much difference. Like I am an Independent escort but I also run an escort agency, I work and I also help my friends make money. We just want a good reputation and want to get famous as Mumbai escorts. We meet clients from all sorts of fields including some of the rich businessmen and celebrities.
Our job is to entertain and take care of a client's requirement.

Is there any medical issue or concern of having sex with escorts in Mumbai?

No dear, just like you, my life is also important to me. I am here to share happiness and not any sexually transmitted disease. I always use condoms for sex. I ask my clients to buy them in advance, also I keep it with myself also.

My clients are also well educated and mostly I don't have to tell them because they know it. Buying condom for yourself will give you some choice, you can wither buy plain one or dotted one.
I also like a flavored condom. So chose something nice, a good durable piece of the condom.

Why independent escorts in Mumbai?

Ritika is very entertaining and full of energy and light. Irrespective of her profession she is a woman who appreciates good behavior and sweet gestures. When a guy is decent and nice she also feels to fulfill his requirements, fantasies more passionately. This is her way to return the favors and most clients love this thing about her.

She is an independent Mumbai escort, so it is her duty to maintain the reputation of the agency and keep the standards high. She doesn't entertain cheap clients, negotiation must be reasonable otherwise her pussy is not for bargaining.

Just like a partner she is a reliable independent escort in Mumbai, who established herself as a professional call girl. She admires porn queen Sunny and wanted to be a pornstar but she can't do that because she has a family and can't hurt them by doing any such thing. But working discreetly as a call girl she makes good money and her identity is also protected. Similarly, she takes care of her client's details and never shares them with anyone else.

She has experience of working whole night and then sleeping late in the morning. She likes to dress up according to the event. But mostly she prefers the black dress with a black skirt, black shoes and a red belt around her waist. You can identify her easily in public.

But if you want her to be in some specific outfit, like saree or something, she can do that but you will have to inform this in advance. If you are lonely in Mumbai and seeking a woman to celebrate any occasion or something, Ritika is the best option because not only you can flirt with her but you can also take her home with you and make love to her, kiss her passionately and she will give you a nice blow job for starters.

Every client is different who have their own likings and dislikings. Being a responsible and patient escort Ritika takes this as a challenge. She doesn't take her job lightly, being a top class A call girl you just can't open your legs and think that is it. The job requires several other talents with that you need to be a good person, and this is what she tries to, improve herself, stay fit, look in her best possible shape and always respect other people and their feelings.

Nobody opens ups just like that in front of anyone, and with her, you can not only open up your pants but you can also reveal your heart.

7 Reasons to hire independent escorts in Mumbai!

  • She is sweet
  • she works independently
  • she also manages escorts agency
  • she is pretty hot sexy white Indian girl who likes to have sex for money and she is comfortable with roleplaying
  • group sex
  • foreplay
  • and other kinky stuff.